BHM6: Mugur Frunzetti and Social Networks

Our traditional Business Hour Meetup, now at its sixth edition, has taken place last Thursday. Once again, excellent location in the beautiful “Lyon” room at the Novotel Bucharest City Centre .

The topics were of great interest to our audience whose attention has been snatched by Mugur Frunzetti’s intervention. He is a young entrepreneur from Romania, a self-made man from the cosmopolitan culture, and significant attention to current trends in marketing.

The discussion on the topic of social networks and their use in building our personal and corporate brand has been reinforced by the example of his personal business: a system of selling flowers integrated with social networks. Floria, this the name of the site / service is really a good example of network-based social marketing.

The audience was undoubtedly drawn by the character and the theme that he has presented.

We have had all been constructively “prodded” to keep the etiquette in social networks.

We, the organizers, were enthusiastic and we hope to continue active cooperation with Mugur.


BHM6: Mugur Frunzetti e i social network

Lo scorso giovedì ha avuto luogo il tradizionale Business Hour Meetup, giunto ormai alle sua sesta edizione.

Ancora una volta, ottima la location nella bella sala Lyon del Novotel Bucharest City Centre.

Gli argomenti sono risultati di grande interesse per il nostro pubblico la cui attenzione è stata carpita dal coinvolgente intervento di Mugur Frunzetti, giovane imprenditore romeno a tutto tondo, self made man dalla cultura cosmopolita e dalla notevole attenzione alle tendenze attuali di marketing.

La discussione sul tema dei social network e del loro utilizzo nella costruzione del nostro brand personale ed aziendale è stata suffragata dall’esempio del suo business personale: un sistema di vendita fiori integrato con i social network e al quale faccio volentieri pubblicità in questa sede. Floria, questo il nome del sito/servizio è davvero un bell’esempio di marketing social network based.

La platea è stata senza dubbio attratta dal personaggio e dal tema da lui presentato.

Tutti siamo stati costruttivamente “pungolati” sull’etichetta da tenere in ambito social network.

Noi organizzatori siamo stati entusiasti ed auspichiamo di proseguire con Mugur un’attiva collaborazione.

New borderlines for Business Hour

Business Hour Meetup (BHM) has come to the 6th edition. This interesting success story is only the start line for much bigger project.

Together with the romanian partners from eCore we are structuring the activities and profiling new discussion places, online as well as offline.

First of all, Business Hour Seminars will begin in the next months, to fulfill the need expressed by many participants to have more occasions of training on products and to know new services offered by high level providers.

Also the portal Business Hour will be redesigned in a much more functional way t0 give support to romanian professionals as well as entrepreneurs.

A new location for our meetings has been set at the Novotel City Centre[googleMap name=”Novotel City Centre Bucharest” description=”Business Hour Meetup location” width=”500″ height=”400″]Calea Victoriei 37B[/googleMap]Bucharest (RO) downtown, a highly prestigious location.

We will go on with our training programs to give you all the opportunity of growing in a Business Hour like the others do in one year!