Invited in Bucharest

After six editions of the official (and one unofficial) Business Hour Meetup, the format that I created last spring, I was asked by the team I work with myself to speak, to talk about “what I do.”

What to tell, anyway … I do lots of things …

Then we pulled the money and have better defined the topic, which will be “Online, the new offline?”. An open question, in short, with a response quite articulate.

Those who followed me over the years knows that I’ve gone from a long experience as a designer and consultant to the consultant’s business. A risky path had it not been for two events that have profoundly marked the course of history.

The first event was the occasional impact with LinkedIn, the business social network, taken initially to one of the many search engines for professionals to record on your resume. After more than three and a half years of “militancy” in my opinion is different and has become convinced that social networks are at global level the bigger echo instrument among the availables at this time for SMEs and, to some extent, the greater driving force for this sector.

The birth and development of the project Business Hour took place thanks to my essential partner of Romania eCore one afternoon two years ago knocked at my old office in Bucharest, Decebal Boulevard for advice on their project / product / service. The mutual sympathy has turned into consideration and, step by step “, in frequent contact.

The second event was the meeting with e-commerce, which occurred in August 2009 thanks to my friends Express Apartments, with whom I work and I still inevitably have launched the field. Making advertising flats short term rental allowed me to see for themselves, to touch, all the tools of web marketing currently in vogue, from PPC, SEO, affiliations, to blogs, to the fan page …

Enough theory, in short: it was time to put into practice everything I had studied and seen in twelve years of working life. Clear: to put into practice by himself, putting his face and heart.

Thursday I’ll talk about that. I will not do a retrospective on myself. I will do instead of telling point of view I have at this point in the path and I sum up in the maxim “The future of online is offline.” My advice is to hybridize the existing offline, because out of the network and, more precisely, of social networks, there no market will survive.

The photo? It ‘a “zorse”, a hybrid of horse and zebra that occurs in nature.


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