Coaching and training of dogs

Five years ago when our dog came home, we chose to train him and, living in the countryside, we decided to attend a field not far from where we lived, where dogs were trained traditionally, by obedience to the foot and half strangle at their neck. After four years of trying without much success, we were lucky enough to read the book by Jan Fennel “Listen to your dog.” The author is convinced of the need of a new communicative training, based on the fact that dogs are able to understand much more than we believe and that we, the “masters”, are the ones to be trained. You can believe me, it worked! You may wonder, what has to do this with personal training? Well, this way of dog training conceives the same principles that we take upon ourselves, by blocking the negative behavioral modules and confirming, reinforcing empowering attitudes. The reinforcement is, for the dog, a crunchy or a caress. We, men, have the luck and the ability to use the voice and its great nuances.


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